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Tell and Celebrate

Stewardship for Emerging Generations

Different generations reflect different types of givers within a congregation.

Stewardship for Emerging

Calculating the Cost

Luke 19: 1-10

This lesson uses the story of Zacchaeus to look at giving a percentage of income to the

Inform Your People and Celebrate Your Ministries

George Haynes is an experienced, wise and practical communicator. Here are suggestions worth considering.

A More Excellent Way

George Haynes shares wisdom on how to effectively communicate with people in your congregation.

A More

Saying Thank You

Pastor Formo reports:  

"As a child I was taught to say thank you.  

As a Pastor in Roseville,

We Are As We Love

Sloan illustrates the truth that "we are as we love" and that we sometimes must "accept pain in the service

My Story

This is an email letter in response to Gary Langness' newsletter article, My Story-Your Story. My Story-Your

The Essential Story

This article provides helpful clues to consider when writing an annual report, a newsletter or a thank

On Saying Thank You

"Thankfulness is a lifestyle. We choose how we will live and we choose the attitude in which we will live

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