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I Wish You Enough

Any time a congregation slips into maintenance mode, what happens? As an example, what would happen if

Creative Ideas for the Offering

2 Corinthians 9:7

This article speaks of various ideas for offering so that others may see the offering

The Need of the Giver To Give

This article places the context of giving within the Letters of Paul and then raises questions for the

The Stewardship of Life

2 Corinthians 11:3

Mark Quade shares this Bible Study to allow the reader to reflect and embrace stewardship

Prayers For Those Oppressed With Unemployment

The following is a list of the prayers offered for those oppressed with unemployment.

Lord, I Am Jealous

A Corporate Worship Litany for Those Oppressed With Unemployment

A Corporate Worship Litany for Those Oppressed With Unemployment

Rev. Kathryn Haueisen
All: Hear, O Lord

Hymns on Stewardship: Leader’s Guide

The guide for those who will lead the three sessions, "Hymns on Stewardship."

Hymns on Stewardship: Leader's

Hymns of Stewardship Lesson Three: Giving

As we learn to steward our lives and the gifts we receive from a gracious God whose giving knows no ending,

Hymns of Stewardship Lesson Two: Vocation

Luther's understanding of vocation as expressed in hymns:
 God Who Made Earth and Heaven

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