Unholy Sundays

Do you have a story of a time when a pastor -- maybe even you -- tried to shock the congregation, but

Pulling Teeth: Craig Barnes on Preaching Stewardship

Many pastors put off preaching on topics related to stewardship until an annual fall stewardship campaign.

Adam Hamilton on Preaching Stewardship

Today’s newsletter marks the launch of a series on Preaching and Stewardship in partnership with

Coming Attractions

Today's article is meant for those who escort the Word into the gathered worshipping communities each

When Jesus Talks About Money

Today we take a look at Jesus' focus on our relationship to money and possessions as a matter of importance

Preaching Jesus in the Chaos of Consumerism

Once in a while it is worth going back to something we have read before because it speaks so well to

Who preaches the Stewardship Sermon?

About this time every year, in fact it happened just yesterday, the phone begins to ring in the office

Lectionary ties to Year-Round Stewardship

We have asked the question of what we should be doing now as we prepare for the fall stewardship programs

The Stewardship Reading

This email begins a series of emails written by parish pastors. I have asked several whom I consider

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