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You Tube presentations of interest related to stewardship. These may be able to help you come up with a different approach in either presenting or educating your congregation on stewardship.

You Tube

Tim Wrenn has searched the internet for stewardship relevant video clips.  Here are some of the ones he found helpful:

Giving Kiosk Stevens Creek Church
A video which is taking a new look at ways of giving.

Stewardship, or an Old Joke Retold
Splitting money, Godfather style.

First Presbyterian DeLand's Stewardship series

1st Presbyterian Stewardship Week 1

1st Presbyterian Stewardship Week 2

1st Presbyterian Stewardship Week 3

Tithe Funny
A funny clip about the way some people, of course not the people in your congregation, look at tithing.

The Truth Behind Tithing  
This video clip works through an understanding of the tithe under the New Covenant.

The Steward  
This clip is a spoof on "The Apprentice" using the text Matthew 25:14.

When Money Talks Series
This series uses three bills of money to bring out spending habits and trends of today's consumer.

When Money Talks Part 1

When Money Talks Part 2

When Money Talks Part 3

Tim Sanders Series

Overcoming Scarcity Thinking by Tim Sanders (Part 1)
Tim Sanders talks about why scarcity thinking turns people into competitive animals, instead of cooperative team members.

Abundance VS Scarcity by Tim Sanders Part 2
This is the second installment by Tim Sanders. The subject? How to overcome scarcity thinking in your life. Once you achieve this and live in the abundance mentality, success and happiness are sure to follow. Contains actionable advice.


The Christopher Wren Cathedral Story by Tim Sanders
Here's a short story from a 2007 leadership conference. It speaks of how purpose drives motivation.

Stewardship Building
What looks like a little can end up being a lot

God's Pie
A pie is divided in pieces for home, car 1, car 2, clothes, hobbies, me - but none is left for God. A man serves pie to all the expenses in his life. This clip can be downloaded at


Tim Wrenn is a student at Luther Seminary.

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Image credit: © Ignacio García Losa ( via Flickr. Used by permission.

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