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Lead Your Congregation

Who is Giving? Part 1

When I was newly ordained, I had an unexpected opportunity to preach at a large youth conference. As part

Cultivating Generosity in Small Town and Rural Settings - Part 2

In this week’s post, Larry Strenge suggests some practical ways pastors and other stewardship leaders

Cultivating Generosity in Small Town and Rural Settings - Part 1

In today’s post, pastor Larry Strenge considers stewardship leadership and rural ministry settings.

Rethinking Stewardship Videos

I’ve always been a huge fan of church leadership conferences. Well, last summer Luther Seminary

How Our Failure to Address the “M” Word Damages More Than Budgets

In many churches about this time of year, stewardship teams kick into high gear composing stewardship

What are We 'Offering' at the Offering? Part 2

In the stewardship course I teach, one assignment invites students to “design from scratch”

Moving from “Ugh” to “Ahh!”

Sometimes I like to play a word association game with church groups. It all goes fine until I get to the

Cheering on Our Children...and Adults

Learning by doing. It’s a simple concept, yet so much of our approach to faith life gets caught

Incremental Stewardship

“Compound interest,” the old quote goes, “is the eighth wonder of the world.”

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