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The ATM in the Church Lobby

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More and More we are seeing the church goer with less money that folds and more money that swipes.  One of the new rules enacted by the IRS is a record of charitable giving under $250.  In response some churches have placed ATM's in their church to provide a paper trail.

The ATM in the Church Lobby
By Rita Healy/Denver

The article made these observations:

  • ATM machines are already present in some houses of worship
  • They become commonplace
  • Helps vouch for donations for IRS purpose
  • Many congregations currently  accept credit and/or debit cards and automatic checking account withdrawals
  • Parishoner's can swipe a credit card, receive a printed receipt, which they can either save for the IRS or plunk into the collection basket with a flourish
  • Many people don't carry cash
  • Congregations that have them have experienced increased contributions

Read the entire article by clicking on The ATM in
the Church Lobby

How would an ATM machine be received in your congregation?  Would you support the idea? Send comments to Jerry Hoffman

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