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A Stewardship Interview

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  • Author: Glenn Taibl is a stewardship leader, a member of the Financial Stewardship Team and Luther Seminary.
  • Updated: 09/09/2010
  • Copyright: Glenn Taibl

This is a simple 12 step interview to engage generous givers in your congregation that has had a transforming impact on a number of people at Incarnation.

Stewardship Interview
Glenn Taibl
Stewardship Pastor, Incarnation Lutheran Church, Shoreview, MN

Glenn is making an intentional effort to begin to grow generous giving by starting with the most generous givers in the congregation and intentionally building from there.  He engages them in a Stewardship interview. He makes an appointment with them, tells them the purpose of the visit and sends the interview questions out in advance so they are prepared for the conversation.  The interview questions may vary related to the position the person has or has had in the congregation.  The following is the basic interview.

Tell me about you.
Where were you born and what has happened to you since then?

About Your Congregation

What do you appreciate most about (Congregation Name) as your church home?

What do you think are the greatest challenges that (Congregation Name) faces in the next five years?

What are (Congregation Name)'s strengths?

What suggestions do you have for increasing the effectiveness of
(Congregation Name)'s ministry?

What part have you played in ministry at (Congregation Name)?

What have you learned from this experience?

I am particularly interested in your perspectives about stewardship.

How do you understand Stewardship?

What role does faithful Stewardship play in your daily life?

What should we be doing as a church to grow people in their personal/family stewardship ministry?

How has the church supported you in your stewardship growth?

How do you think we should say thanks and give recognition to people who financially giving to (Congregation Name)?

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