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Money and Mission Stewardship Interview: A Parish Pastor

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  • Author: Glenn Taibl is a stewardship leader, a member of the Financial Stewardship Team and Luther Seminary.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012
  • Copyright: Glenn Taibl

Interview questions that can be used to assess the stewardship knowledge of a pastor.

Stewardship Interview
A Generous Pastor

Tell me about you.
Where were you born and what has happened to you since then?

About Your Congregation

What do you appreciate most about your congregation?

What do you think are the greatest challenges that your congregation  faces in the next five years?

What are congregaton's strengths?

What are you doing as a pastoral leader to increase the effectiveness of your congregatin's ministry?

I am particularly interested in your perspectives about stewardship.

How do you understand Stewardship?

What role does faithful Stewardship play in your daily life?

What should the church being doing to grow people in their personal/family stewardship ministry?

How has the church supported you in your stewardship growth?

How do you think we should say thanks and give recognition to people who are financially giving?

How do people know about your personal financial stewardship?

What do you know about what people financially give?

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