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Maxed Out directed by James Scurlock-- Nothing's Priceless

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  • Author: Reviewd by Tim Wrenn.  Luther Seminary student, class of 2010.  Serving as a missionary in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012

A movie about the national and personal debt crisis.

Review of "Maxed Out"

Maxed Out Trailer

"At times hilarious, at times deeply disturbing, Maxed Out forces us to face the consequences of our national debt addiction: the suicides, the ruined lives and, ultimately, the disappearance of the American middle class."

Maxed out draws deep into a crisis that most Americans are not ready to face.  Debt, weather it be personal or the National debt,  strikes into more American homes and into the pews of our congregation more then most church leaders know or are willing to admit.  

One of the ways that the church can help in this field is to offer a place where people can talk about the issues of being in debt and how that affects their lives.

I recommend this movie to open the discussion in you congregation or family.

--Tim Wrenn

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