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Thomas Oduro, President, Good News Theological College and Seminary, Ghana

Bringing the good news to Ghana

Thomas Oduro, ’04, earned his Ph.D. from Luther Seminary, with distinction, in the history of Christianity. His Ph.D. experience further informed his role as president of Good News Theological College and Seminary in his native Ghana.

Good News Seminary is an international learning institution based on a tradition and mission of wisdom, spirituality and diligence. As its leader, Oduro administrates and directs the organization’s research and teaching, using his own educational experience as a guide.

Good News Theological College and Seminary is a collaborative ministry among African Initiated Churches, Mennonites and Lutherans. That’s how he made the connection to further his studies at Luther Seminary.

“A fellow seminarian recommended Luther Seminary as an ideal place to study,” says Oduro, who also earned his M.A. from Luther in 1994. “Its academic program is comprehensive, relevant and of the highest standard. It kept me focused and determined to get the best from my education.”

Oduro has grown his, and the church’s, draw and reputation through the region. In a 2013 article in the Mennonite Mission News, Oduro was featured for his ability to encourage Christians to move out of their comfort zones. He describes Jesus’ ministry as a three-legged stool, combining teaching, preaching and healing. As he was quoted:

“If one of the legs is missing, the stool will not be stable.”

Oduro supports our mission to think together as a global community, working to link the Good News Seminary’s work to the rest of the world through formal teachings and personal connections. At the core of his work is his conviction of faith.

In addition to his distinguished role at Good News, he also holds posts as chairman of International Higher Education, Ghana; chairman, theological resource team of the Organization of African Instituted Churches; advisory board member, Center for Early African Christianity; and is a member of the advisory council of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography. He is also the author of “Christ Holy Church International.”

It all keeps him very busy, but Oduro does find time to enjoy the everyday comforts of dining, conversation, reading and listening to music.

He and his wife, Jemima, have six children.

“Jesus Christ is all to me. He has saved, guided, taught and healed me,” he says. “The Lutheran faith itself is embedded in the gospel, and is my source of knowledge of what Christ has done for me, what he expects me to do and what the future holds for me.”

About Good News Theological College and Seminary

The vision of the seminary is described by its core values—wisdom, spirituality and diligence. Students are trained to take on the spirit of wisdom in their daily ministries, thereby expanding and enriching their spirituality. In order to reach their goals, the students are trained to work hard, whether under pleasant or unpleasant circumstances.

Students are equipped to study and interpret the Word of God in its totality. The need to evangelize in a multicultural and global oriented world is also emphasized. Students learn that the Lordship and vicarious death of Jesus Christ is fundamental to finding answers to the multi-faceted challenges of the world. They also come to understand that being filled with the Holy Spirit is essential for effective, relevant and practical ministry.

All these align with the institution’s mission statement: To provide sound Christ-centered education to the church and society, fully equipping both men and women with character, knowledge and skills for servant leadership in the African context.

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