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First Quarter 2009

"...All things are becoming new"

If you want to see where the energy is in the church today, go visit a new mission start.

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Three Graduates Live Out Their Calls As Mission Developers

Luther Seminary intensified its focus on missional development in the 2000-2005 strategic plan, Serving the Promise of Our Mission.

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Christians' Callings in the World: Five-Seminary Grant Funds New Ways to Teach

If you had to guess which section of the Sunday newspaper God would be most interested in, what would
you say?

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Edith Gage Takes Ministry Into the Home with Art

In a time when the Bible was newly translated from Latin to common language, Martin Luther decided to bring God's word front and center into the homes of parishioners.

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Legacies of Quello and Hanson Honored in Future Preachers

Luther Seminary has long been known for producing outstanding preachers, but two new efforts aim to deepen preaching skills for pastors already in the parish.

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The Path of a Mission Developer at Luther Seminary

"Quit preparing your graduates for a church that no longer exists." This was the challenge a pastor gave then-president David Tiede in 1987.

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Aus Lecturer Boyd Examines the Cruciform Life

During finals week at Luther Seminary, a joke told among frantic students when completing assignments is to hold one's arms out, hang the head and declare with exhaustion, "It is finished."

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Convocation 2009 Engages Scripture for the Sake of the World

As Christians we are called to read the Bible. What does it mean to read the Bible "for the sake of the world?"

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Luther Seminary Honors Past, Moves Into Future

Common wisdom reasons that one can best move into the future when one has a clear sense of the past.

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Meet Luther Seminary's Newest Faculty Members

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Convergence Brings Together Young Clergy and ELCA Leaders

Young clergy members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America met for Convergence, an event inviting those 35 and younger to speak with key leaders of the ELCA who have shaped churchwide policies and ministries, Oct. 26--27.

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Mary Sue Dreier sees the fruits of yesterday's gifts today

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