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Fall 2009

Notes from the Mission Field: Walking Together on the Road to Emmaus

I've been enjoying Garrison Keillor's latest book, "Life Among the Lutherans." It's filled with wit and wisdom from the life and lore of everyday Lutherans. Keillor begins many of the stories in his traditional fashion: "It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon."

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Luther Seminary's Newest Free Resource: Enter the Bible is a free online resource that thoroughly explores all 66 books of the Bible in a fun, interactive and completely unique way. It was recently released by Luther Seminary to the public. The process took five years and thousands of hours of preparation by more than 40 people.

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Efrem Smith's Sanctuary Covenant Redefines Church, Evangelism

A few months ago, the sound of crying brought Efrem Smith out of his office at Sanctuary Covenant Church in North Minneapolis. A young woman was distraught. She appeared to be searching for someone.

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Family Focus: First Call in a New Position Brings Growth, Support to Julie Hagen and Advent Lutheran

When Julie Hagen accepted her first call as director of children, youth and family ministries at Advent Lutheran in Manhattan, it was a first for the congregation as well. The church didn't have a full-time staff member devoted to that part of its ministry in the past. Hagen, a Master of Arts grad born and raised in the Midwest, was the first one to fill the position.

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Jannie Swart Witnesses Miraculous Changes

While God has shown up in many different ways over the course of Jannie Swart's life, he has always known that God is present and working miracles in the world—a fact he was especially aware of as he experienced firsthand the transition from apartheid to democracy in South Africa.

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South Dakota Synod Helps Seminarians Answer the Call

The Answer the Call initiative has made the South Dakota Synod the country's leader in both seminarians
and the number of scholarships awarded. Its initial aim is to engage young people and encourage them to listen for a call to ministry.

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Book of Faith Jubilee Inspires Participants to Spread the Word

My hope is that folks throughout the church wouldn't read the Bible because they're supposed to but because they get to," Luther Seminary Professor of Old Testament Diane Jacobson said at the opening of
the Book of Faith Jubilee on Aug. 14.

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In Her Hands: Luther Seminary Honors an Incredible Legacy

Mavone Eidet will forever hold Luther Seminary students close to her heart. As a final request, Eidet, a notable donor to Luther Seminary for more than 20 years, was buried this past May holding a list of the 79 students whose theological education she helped fund.

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Jack Hustad, '57: Volunteer for Life

Just before Jack Hustad, '57, graduated he was to serve as a chaplain in Venezuela. However, a few months before he was to leave, Andrew Burgess, professor of missions, called to say the project was postponed.

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Luther Seminary Donor Sees Fruits of Her Labor Nearly a Decade Later

Do you remember your fifth-grade teacher? Now dig a little deeper. Do you remember your fifth-grade Sunday school teacher? Adam Dvorak does. In fact, when the honor student graduated from North St. Paul High School this spring, he was asked to select a teacher who made a difference. He chose his fifth-grade Sunday school teacher, Sylvia Johnson, at First Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake, Minn.

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2010 Faithfulness in Ministry Cross Honorees

The Faithfulness in Ministry Cross awards are intended to lift up and honor the ministry of the individual recipients but also of all graduates of Luther and antecedent seminaries. The Council awards three Faithfulness in Ministry crosses each year to individuals who graduated:

  • Within 10 years
  • Within the past 25 years (No 2010 recipient)
  • More than 25 years ago

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Paul, '55, and Donna Roe Support Current and Future Students

When Our Savior's Lutheran in Menomonie, Wis., wanted to honor its departing pastor, Paul Roe, for his years of service, he decided to pass the gift on. Roe suggested the establishment of the Paul A. Roe Endowed Scholarship Fund at Luther. It started in 1987.

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