Boundary Maintenance Workshops

What you need to know

  • Workshops are required of every student in a degree program.
  • They are offered at least once a year.
  • Documentation of successful participation is to be kept on file.
  • The policy document is found here.
  • Sign up for workshops offered in 2015 by clicking here

Master of Divinity

Internship placement will not be possible without documentation of successful participation in such a workshop. For M.Div. students who have the internship requirement waived, completion of the workshop is required for registration for senior level courses.

Master of Arts

Students need to complete the workshop prior to the semester in which they intend to complete their academic program.

Graduate Theological Education

M.Th., Ph.D., and Doctor of Ministry students need to complete a workshop prior to graduation.

Alternate Experiences

A request to substitute an alternate experience as fulfillment of the workshop requirement may be submitted in writing to the review committee in a timely manner respecting the above noted deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between the background check and a boundary workshop?

A: The background check is a search that address a seven-year period covering a criminal history database search, a county record criminal check, motor vehicle check, and an employment background check (looking at issues of inappropriate conduct).

Boundaries workshops at Luther Seminary focus on issues faced by leaders in faith communities. Boundaries workshops are scheduled several times during the academic year including during First Week for new students.

Q: I'm eager to participate in the boundary workshop? How do I sign up?

A: You can sign up clicking here

Q: I participated in a great boundaries workshop event through my synod/congregation/denomination/institution. Does that count?

A: You may submit evidence of participation in such an event. Include as many details as possible - leader, number of hours, topics covered, perhaps a copy of the agenda. The submission will be reviewed and placed in your file.

Mail your submission to




ST. PAUL, MN  55108