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architectural detail from Bockman Hall on Luther Seminary campus

Care Team

The Care Team seeks to care, support and advocate for all students in the Luther Seminary community in situations when there is perceived to be a pastoral care need. Any information that the Care Team receives remains confidential except when there is a concern of harm to self and/or others, or when there is a violation of the Luther Seminary Student Code of Conduct (as outlined in the Student Handbook). It is a pastoral, not a disciplinary body. The Care Team will first and foremost be in prayer for those facing situations that have come to our attention. We will also seek to support the Seminary Pastor in offering pastoral care as an initial step. If necessary, the Care Team will support students by making recommendations to outside services such as counseling, spiritual care, or other community and/or health services.

The Care Team also addresses issues that have an impact on the larger community and provides programming in support of the Wholeness Wheel.

The Care Team consists of the Seminary Pastor, the Dean of Student Life, the Director of Advising and Community Life and the Director of Contextual Learning. The Director of International Student and Scholar Affairs is a consultant on issues pertaining to the international community. Anyone in the Luther Seminary can reach out to the Care Team members with concerns for self and/or others.