Managing Student Loan Debt

For any and all specific questions about student debt, loans and financial aid we suggest that our coaches and students contact the Financial Aid Office directly. They have a specific section on their website on loans that delineates all of the loans that the seminary gives. For more specific questions about loans or financial aid please contact the Financial Aid office via email or via phone: (651) 641-3463. You will want to speak to Bill Silva-Breen (Director of Financial Aid) or LuGail Hamel (Assistant Director of Financial Aid).

Some additional, more general resources for managing student loan debt:

  • Lutheran Social Service Financial Counseling Service: Lutheran Social Service (LSS) of Minnesota offers free budget and debt counseling. They have expert coaching for student loans. Call their toll-free number 1-888-577-2227 to set up a free phone appointment or in person appointment at one of their three area offices. You don’t need to be Lutheran to benefit from their services.
  • Frugal-Community Article: This article was drawn from tips that Darryl Dahlheimer, Program Director at LSS Financial Counseling Service, shared with Grace Duddy. It has practical advice to help students take on as little debt as possible.
  • Additional Scholarships: If your student is looking for additional scholarship opportunities, have him/her check out fastweb. Fastweb has the most comprehensive list of scholarships from various organizations, all that you have to do is create a profile.