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architectural detail from Bockman Hall on Luther Seminary campus

Crisis Support

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Sexual Misconduct

Luther Seminary believes that all members of the campus community are entitled to an environment that enables them to develop and contribute in their full capacity. When sexual misconduct occurs, the standards of the institution are violated, and the environment is disrupted. Sexual misconduct is prohibited by law, as well as by institutional policy at Luther Seminary. It will not be tolerated.

Any victim of sexual misconduct should consider seeking immediate medical and emotional assistance.

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Counseling Resources

A variety of counseling resources are available to you as a student. The seminary pastor, your faculty mentor, and the staff of Student Affairs are available for conversations and consultations. The seminary pastor is a confidential resource on campus.

Additional counseling resources are also available to you through the professional services of counselors in the Twin Cities. We encourage you to make use of such professionals when you are ready to address more complicated issues in your life as a seminarian. Tending to our health and wholeness as real human beings is a necessary asset for ministry.

You can find counseling and spiritual direction resources here. If you need assistance in selecting a counselor or spiritual director, please contact a member of the Care Team.

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