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architectural detail from Bockman Hall on Luther Seminary campus

Financial Planning Tools

Resources for students and alumni

Get started understanding your personal relationship with money as you prepare for leadership across the church. Luther Seminary is committed to financial wellness by faithfully addressing money issues and student debt through a lens of financial stewardship. This process began when you were a prospective student visiting the financial aid office and it continues with on-campus opportunities and online tools, financial stewardship coaching, and post-graduation support in partnership with synod and churchwide partners by:

  • Embracing the role of financial stewardship while making informed money choices
  • Preparing students to faithfully lead "money talk" in family, vocation, and congregation
  • Providing opportunities and resources to students and graduates

Other resources

Debt management and loan counseling

Luther Seminary-specific

  • - University Accounting Service is the servicing agent for Luther Seminary Perkins and Mourer Loans. You can access your account here, request forms and change your mailing address

Video: Responsible stewardship

Auburn Seminary produced a 10-minute video sharing ways Luther Seminary fosters a culture of responsible stewardship.