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Finding Your Course Schedule in MyLutherNet

Click to download .pdf of help file (previous design)

There are two places where you can find your course schedule.

Option 1

Log in to MyLutherNet and on the login home page you will see the "All My Courses" portlet. This portlet displays current courses that you are registered for. If you'd like to see past or future courses, change the drop down option from Current Courses to either Future or Past. Clicking the course name will bring you to your course within MyLutherNet. Note, any courses scheduled after the current date will be shown in Future courses (in other words, if you've registered for a second six week course and it is currently still the first six weeks of the semester, you will need to change the drop down to Future Courses to find your course).

Option 2

Log in to MyLutherNet and click the Academics top navigational tab.Then click the My Schedule portlet. This schedule gives fuller details for your courses as well as allows you to search additional terms. Clicking the course name, however, will not take you to your course inside MyLutherNet.


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