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Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word in Forums

As of 8/15/14, the "Copy from Word" button is no longer available in the forums, but you can still copy from Word and paste the text into your forum post:

You can copy and paste from Microsoft Word into a discussion forum post. This is recommended when working on lengthy posts or if you want to quickly spell check your document in Word before posting.

First, write your response in Word. Highlight and “copy” (CTRL + C on your keyboard) the text you want to copy into the forum.

Go to the desired forum and create your post or reply.  Enter the subject, then either:

You can either "right click" in the text entry box and select paste from the pop up menu, OR, just click in the text box and press CTRL + V on your keyboard. The copied text will be pasted into the forum. 

(If using a Mac, use "Command + C" to copy and "Command +V" to paste) 

NOTE: The "right click" option only works for Firefox and IE browsers --NOT Chrome. 

paste from word


The pasted text now appears in the forum screen. Scroll down the page to submit the post.

Paste from Word

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