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Creating a voice over in PowerPoint and saving as a video file

Click to download a .pdf of the help file

Create your PowerPoint presentation. Once your slides are ready for the voice over, open the presentation and go to the beginning slide.

  1. Click the Slide Show tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Click Record Slide Show
  3. Click Start Recording from Beginning

    Record slide show

    The message below appears:

    Start recording
  4. Select your preferred recording options and click the Start Recording button (Note: If you want to use the highlighter on your slides, check the 2nd box).

    Your slideshow will begin, and the recording window will appear in the upper right hand area of the screen:

    Recording window

    The recording window explained:

    Note: if you “right click” with your mouse during recording, the recording will pause.

    Advance arrow         The arrow button will advance to the next slide or animation. Note: You can also advance to the next slide or animation by clicking your mouse or pressing the right arrow key on your keyboard
    Pause The pause button will pause the voice recording. When this is pressed, a pop up window will alert you that the recording has been paused.
    Resume Press resume recording to continue recording.
    Current slide recording time The first timer displayed indicates the recording time elapsed on the current slide.
    Presentation recording timer

    The second timer displayed indicates the time elapsed on the entire presentation thus far.


    The repeat icon will allow you to restart recording for the slide. This will overwrite the existing recording for the selected slide.



















      5.  Each time you advance through your slide show (either by clicking with the mouse or using the arrow key), you will be able to record a new voice-over.

      6.  When you are finished recording the slideshow, press the Esc key on your keyboard. You will see the following screen displaying all of the slides in the presentation. Those with an audio recording will have a small speaker icon in the corner of the slide:


Slide display


7.  Save your presentation as a PowerPoint presentation first, so you will always have a copy to edit/change if needed.  If you want to create a video for uploading, then proceed to step 8 after completing step 7

8.  Save your presentation as a “windows media file” by selecting Save As from the file menu (NOTE: If the option to save as an MPEG-4 video is available, choose that--this is an option on newer versions of office).

Save as

9.  Select “Windows Media Video” as the file type, (mp4 preferred if it is an option)  then click save:

Windows media video

Note: It can take several minutes to save the file.

The new video file can then be uploaded to YouTube.

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