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Troubleshooting Footnotes

How do I create a footnote using EndNote and MS Word?

 1. Open both software programs

 2. Open your EndNote library (.enl file)

 3. Select the citation (in your .enl)

 4. In Word creating a citation is a 2-step process. Learn more about it in Cite While You Write, CWYW

  • First, choose these menu items: Insert -> Reference -> Footnote A dialog box will appear, click the Insert button unless you want to make a change to the default settings. Hint: Keyboard shortcut for this is to press simultaneously Ctrl+Alt+F . Significantly reduces the number of clicks you go through!
  • Second, go to the EndNote Toolbar at the top of your MS Word document. Choose the Insert Selected Citation icon. Your data will then appear in your footnote.

How do I get all of my footnotes to display in the correct output style?

  •  Select the Update Citations and Bibliography button from the EndNote toolbar. In older versions of EndNote, it is referred to as Format Bibliography.

Why do changes that I make to the footnotes disappear?

You can only make changes to the data in your EndNote library, not your Word document. An incorrect citation must be corrected in the Endnote application, not in your Word document. The beauty of EndNote (and the cause of much frustration) is that the code transforms the basic, raw data into a consistent, manipulate-able style. So you never edit the footnotes, you edit the raw data in EndNote. In other words, if there's a mistake in your citation (spelling error, misplaced capital letter etc.), correct the citation in EndNote, then reformat (see instructions above) your Word document.

How do I add page numbers to a specific footnote?

Use the Edit Citations option on the EndNote toolbar in Word [the icon has brackets + a pencil]. Find the citation you wish to add pages numbers to on the left hand side of the dialog box. Enter the page number(s) in the Pages: field and click Ok.

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