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BibleWorks Webinar, Monday, March 2

BibleWorks Webinar, Monday, March 2

Download .pdf handout for the BibleWorks webinar

This webinar was hosted by Mary Hinkle Shore on March 2, 2009. It was 90 minutes and covered a general overview of BibleWorks 8. The 90 minute video has been split into four sections; they are below.They are best viewed in full screen mode; please note due to the nature of the recording, the audio skips a bit every now and then.

Section 1 (18.04 mins)

Topics: Getting Help; Checking for Updates; Elements of the Screen; and the Command Line Version Display (Synchronizing Result Lists)

Section 2 (20.05 mins)

Topics: Command Line; Searching the Command Line; Status Bar; Stats Tab; Searching on a Greek Word (Lemma & Form); Lexicons


Section 3 (17.21 mins)

Topics: Copy/Paste; Notes; Editor; Formatting (Interleave and Color Highlighting); Analyzing Text


Section 4 (24.46 mins)

Topics: Flashcard Module; Turning Off Matthew Henry; the Morphology Assistant; Report Generator; Cross Reference Tabs; Grammars


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