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BGAD Lexicon - Tips for Using the BibleWorks Version

Choosing a Default Lexicon

  1. In the Analysis window, with the Analysis tab showing, right-click and choose Default Analysis Window Greek Lexicon.
  2. Choose the lexicon you want to appear in the analysis window.


Keeping the Analysis Window Still

Hold down the shift key while moving the cursor from the browse window to the analysis window. This will keep the lexicon in the analysis window from skipping to different entries as you mouse over different words.

Using the Lexicon for More than Definitions

Lexicons usually have a lot of information about a word beyond what that word means. The Bauer/Danker lexicon, for example, includes information on the case you can expect to see a particular verb's object in. This 2-minute video offers an example of one type of extra information that BDAG offers.

Watch Video


Searching in the Lexicon

You can search a lexicon for Greek or English words or for strings of characters. This is helpful when you want to find whether the lexicon has listed a verse you are working with as an example of particular meanings. From within the Lexicon window, click Edit, then Search. This video demonstrates this kind of search.


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