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Copying and Pasting

Copying & Pasting

You can highlight, copy (ctrl + c) and paste (ctrl + v) text from the Browse Window (center window) to a Word document. This is a quick way to get a block of BibleWorks text into a Word document.

Copying Directly into Microsoft Word

When you have both BibleWorks and Word open, you can get paste from BibleWorks without leaving Word. Use keyboard shortcut ctrl + shift + b. A popup window will appear ready to copy the current search version into your document. Position your cursor in Word where you want the verse(s). Type a verse or verse range into the popup window, click Copy, and your selection will appear.

Make sure that you are copying to Word. If the popup window says Copy to Clipboard you can change that by clicking the Favorites button and selecting Copy to Microsoft Word.


Copying Directly into the BW Editor or Notes Area

BibleWorks has its own word processor. In the Analysis window of BW8 you will see a tab for editor and notes. To copy a text into the editor or notes area, highlight the text, hold down the left mouse button and drag the text into the editor or notes area. This may be helpful if you want to write notes or prepare a paper while continuing to work with other tools in BW.

Copy Format Options

In BW8, everything you need is in the Copy drop-down menu under the Command line. Select Copy Format Options, choosing any of the first four options will bring up the Copy Settings dialog box.


The first drop-down menu allows you to define what you want copied; the second drop-down menu allows you to define where you would like it copied.

Under Output Format Options you can choose to have an Interleave Version (which creates a line-by-line interlinear text of the versions chosen) as well as to have colors copied over from BW into Word.


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