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Elements of the Screen

Search Window

This is the window pane on the far left. When you search for words, phrases, etc., your results appear in this window.

Browse Window

In the center of the screen, this window contains the whole Bible when it is in browse mode, so clicking and dragging the scroll bar on the right is not advisable. Arrows at the top of the scroll bar move you one verse at a time through the text.

Analysis Window

Here are tabs upon tabs for different views. Access various resources within BibleWorks as they relate to the specific passage you are reading. The editor and notes tabs are also here.

Controlling the Analysis Window

To stop the resources or analysis windows from skipping to new information every time you mouse over a new word, hold down the Shift key. To change the setting for good, right-click inside the resources window and choose "update only when shift key depressed." If you choose this option, you will need to hold down the Shift key to change the information rather than to hold the window's content.

Command Line

Use this line to request Bible passages, word searches, and other things from BibleWorks.

Status Bar

This is at the bottom of the BibleWorks page. The grey words are actually links to dialog boxes for changing the configuration of BW. Double click words in the status bar to set search limits, toggle the Browse and Analysis windows on and off, etc.

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