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Phrase Searching

Phrase Searching with a Bible Passage in Mind

Let's say you are reading through a text that mentions "the glory of God" (e.g., τ?ς δ?ξης το? θεο?) and you want to know where else this phrase occurs. Highlight the phrase, right-click, and from the context menu that appears, choose "Search for phrase."

Phrase Searching without a Bible Passage in Mind

In this example, the phrase “believing in” will be used to see how many times it appears in the gospel of John. Note, however, that this type of searching will work for any type of phrase in any part of the Bible.

  • First, set your limits by double clicking the word limits in your status bar. (For more information about setting limits, see this help article.) Set your limits to the gospel of John.


  • Then, key in BNM on the command line so you will be searching a morphologically tagged version of the Greek New Testament and hit return. “Morphologically tagged” means that someone went through the NT, word by word, and tagged each word according to its part of speech, its tense, voice, mood (for verbs), number, gender, and so on.


  • Next, type ;pisteuw. (You’ll notice you will be typing in Greek – don’t attempt accents or breathing marks).This search begins with a semicolon because it is a phrase search, which means you will type both words that you want to search for. After your first word, you will type the second word - eis.


  • Hit Return to do the search. Notice all the different contexts in which “believing in” is used.


  • To have your results appear in English, type an English version of the Bible in the command line (such as NIV). Hit Return.
  • On the green bar beneath the command line, click the arrow next to the Bible versions – in this example, NIV/BNM. Select Synchronize Results List. Your verses will now be displayed in English.


Video demonstration

Watch a 5:27 video on phrase searching.

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