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Setting Limits in BibleWorks 8 and 7

For BibleWorks 8

Double-click the word "Limits" at the bottom of the BW screen to open the Options dialog in the Search Limits window.

You may limit a search in three ways:

  1. Limit a search to particular book(s). You can limit a search to a particular book or books of the Bible by choosing the book(s). You may want to clear all checkmarks before you click on the book(s) you want.
  2. Limit a search using BW predefined search ranges. Several custom search ranges are built into BW. Click one of these and then click OK.
  3. Limit a search to your own custom search range. Building and searching your own custom search range is a two-step process.
    1. Add a New Predefined Range. Give your range a name; choose a version to search, and define your range. It can be anything from a verse to the whole Bible. Click Save.
    2. Choose your new range in the list of Predefined Ranges, and click OK.


Turn Limits Off

Double-click Limits in the status bar and choose the radio button at the top of the window labeled, Do not apply any limits to this search.

For BibleWorks 7

Watch the 2:11 video below to see how to set limits to search one book of the Bible or to search within a specific passage.

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