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Wildcard Searching

Wildcard Searching for Related Greek Words

Greek doesn't have root letters for words in quite the way that Hebrew does, but we can still use a few letters to search for various words that are formed from the same root. For example, let's say you wanted to find all the words related to the concept of righteousness (


) in the New Testament. You would want to search for forms of the noun (


), the verb (


), the adjective (


), and so on. To search for these words and others related to them at once, follow these steps:

      1. Find the root letters for the word or concept you are interested in. A text like Thomas Robinson's Mastering New Testament Greek (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2007) can help here. Robinson lists dikaiosu,nh under the Greek root, "dik-."
      2. Search in BNM. To do this, just type BNM in the command line and press return. Searching this version will ensure that you get occurrences of the verb that might be augmented and therefore not start with the letter d.
      3. Type in the command line . dik* (the asterisk signals a wildcard search and stands for "plus 1 or more characters").
      4. Results appear in the search results window, below the command line.
      5. To change the version in which results appear, type the preferred version code on the command line. That is all you have to do in BibleWorks 7. In BibleWorks 8, you will also have to click the down arrow alongside the version code just under the Command Line, and from the drop down menu, choose, "Synchronize Results List."

Graphical Results of Searches

To see a graphical analysis of your serach, do one of the following:

      1. In BibleWorks 7, click the button labeled "123" to see graphed results.
      2. In BibleWorks 8, click the "Stats" tab in the analysis window. For more information on the graphing features of BibleWorks, search "detailed statistics" within BibleWorks Help.

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