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Creating Vocabulary Lists

You may be studying a particular text or book of the Bible and want to create a vocabulary list for it. There are two ways to do this in BibleWorks.

Using the Vocabulary Flashcard Module to create a vocabulary list.

The vocabulary flashcard module will create such a list for you.

  • BibleWorks 8: From the Tools menu, choose Language Tools, then Vocabulary Flashcard Module. BibleWorks 7: From the Tools Menu, choose Vocabulary Flashcard Module.
  • From the Tools menu within the Flashcard Module, choose Filter....
  • In the dialog box that appears
    • Leave "Filter by Chapter Range" unchecked. (This applies to chapters in certain Greek or Hebrew textbooks.)
    • Check "Filter by Frequency" and fill in the frequency you want. From 1 to 49 will give you all the words occurring fewer than 50 times in the New Testament or Old Testament.
    • Check "Use frequencies in the vocabulary file."
    • If you want to filter for a particular portion of the Bible, check "Include only words in this verse range," and fill in the verses you are studying.
    • Click Apply and close the filter dialog.


  • Your flash card list should now include only the words you have filtered.
  • To print these words, either as a list or as flash cards, from the File menu in the Flashcard Module, choose "Print Flash Cards" or "Print Review List."
Watch the video demonstration (1.47mins)

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