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English Word Study with BibleWorks

English Word Study with BibleWorks

Assessing a word's lexical meaning or semantic range

First, have the NAU or RWB version set up in your browse window. To add the NAU or RWB to the display window (center window), type "d rwb" or "d nau" in the command line and hit enter. This will add these versions so you can see them.

Second, scroll over the word in English that you want to perform a word study with. You will see lexicon information appear in the resource/analysis window on the right. Make sure the "word analysis" tab is selected (for BibleWorks 8, the tab just says "analysis").

Now, if the "(word) analysis" tab is selected, in the right window (resource/analysis window), when you scroll over your word in the RWB version you will see a range of meanings for the word. You should find a nice list, like a dictionary entry with meanings numbered (1), (1a), (2), and so on. To move your cursor over to that window without the information changing, hold the SHIFT key while you move your cursor.


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