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Looking up Uses of the Word in the OT & NT in English

To focus on the Old Testament occurrences of the word, first set the limits of your search by typing "l ot" in the command line ( "l" for "limit" and "ot" for "Old Testament").

Scroll over the word in the RWB or NAU version. Hold the shift button (to freeze the screen) and move your cursor to the resource/analysis window. Double-click on the Greek root of your word which is at the top of the window in BOLD type. This will perform a search of the Greek word in the Septuagint--the Greek version of the Old Testament.


Now, in the search window (far left), all of the occurrences of your particular word in the various forms will appear, listed according to Old Testament book. To change it from Greek to English, type NAU or NIV or whatever version you want to look at, in the command line. Then, click on the green pull-down menu below the command line and select "synchronize results list." This will put the list in either NAU or NIV order. Click once on any of the verses and it will appear in your browse window (the center window).


To focus on New Testament uses of your word, type “l nt” in the command line and enter to set the limit to the New Testament.

To focus on the uses in your particular book or writer: For Matthew, type “l matt” in the command line and enter. For one of Paul’s letters—say First Corinthians—type “l 1 cor” and enter.

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