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How to subscribe to MyLutherNet news posts (or other announcements) by email

If you would like to receive an e-mail message each time an announcement is posted on the MyLutherNet news page, you can subscribe by doing the following:


Click  Campus Announcements (Click to View All) on the announcement page:

View all announcements

 Note: For Board members only: For Board Announcements click the Current Board News Link

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Subscribe link:

Subscribe Link

On the next page, select the box next to the desired option, then click Save. (click image to zoom)

subscribe options


Note: By selecting the E-mail option, you will receive an e-mail each time an announcement is posted. There is currently no option to receive weekly or less frequent updates.  

There is a known issue with the subscription system-- e-mail alerts will only be sent for announcements that are posted immediately. "Timed" announcements do not send the email alert, so it is good practice to check the site until this issue is resolved by the vendor.


To unsubscribe, follow the same directions, except uncheck the "by email" box and click save.




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