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Printer Locations

All MFP devices support printing, copying, and scanning to folder and E-Mail.  Certain LaserJet devices will have limited access for specific departments or functions.

Beyond standard printing via the Print Server, the Devices can have jobs submitted with the following methods:

  • By E-Mail: Documents that are Office or PDF format can be e-mailed to <Device Name> (For example, - Students are limited to the devices listed as available below.
  • By the Web interface: Users can sign in to and submit Office and PDF documents to be printed through the web interface.
  • By Google Cloud Print:  The available printers will be shared with authorized users, and can be utilized to print from Chrome devices and browsers and Android devices.
Building Room Name Type Available to Students? Outbound Fax?
Bockman Hall 116 BH-116-1 MFP Y Y
Bockman Hall 130 BH-130-1 MFP N Y
Bockman Hall 7B BH-7B-1 MFP N Y
Gullixson Hall 3 GX-3-1 LaserJet Y N
Gullixson Hall 201 GX-201-1 MFP N Y
Gullixson Hall 205 GX-205-1 MFP N Y
Gullixson Hall 308 GX-308-1 LaserJet N N
Gullixson Hall Catalog GX-Catalog-1 MFP Y N
Gullixson Hall Catalog GX-Catalog-2 LaserJet Y N
Northwestern 120 NW-120-1 MFP N Y
Northwestern 130 NW-130-1 MFP N Y
Northwestern 140 NW-140-1 MFP N N
Northwestern 220 NW-220-1 MFP N Y
Northwestern 240 NW-240-1 MFP N N
Northwestern 110E NW-110E-1 MFP N N
Northwestern 110G NW-110F-1 MFP N Y
Northwestern 210D NW-210D-1 MFP N Y
Northwestern Hall 112 NW-112-1 LaserJet N N
Northwestern Hall 130 NW-130-2 LaserJet N N
Northwestern Hall 140 NW-140-2 LaserJet N N
Northwestern Hall 220 NW-220-2 LaserJet N N
Northwestern Hall 220 NW-220-3 LaserJet N N
Northwestern Hall 110G NW-110F-2 LaserJet N N
Northwestern Hall 210 Suite Area NW-210-1 LaserJet Y N
Northwestern Hall Atrium NW-Atrium-1 LaserJet Y N
Olson Campus Center 2nd Floor OCC-2Flr-1 MFP Y Y
Olson Campus Center Bookstore OCC-Book-1 MFP N N
Olson Campus Center Eatery OCC-Eatery-1 MFP N N
Stub Hall 131 SH-131-1 LaserJet Y N

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