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Getting Started with Google Sites

Click to download .pdf of help file

1. Log into your seminary email and click the “Apps” icon from your e-mail page and select sites.

Apps icon


2. Click Create Create


Two Options: Blank Template or View Gallery

--You may find it easier to customize a blank template vs. using one from the gallery. The gallery offers some practical models and it may be fun to download some to get a feel for what you can do with the site; however; using a gallery template may require significant editing/changes/revisions to get the style you desire.  This tutorial will explain how to set up a site with a Blank Template.

3Select Blank Template and enter a name for your site. If you select a theme, choose something appropriate for schoolwork/professional use. A busy color scheme can make it difficult to navigate your site. Note: you can change and/or edit your theme after setting up your site.  Click Create

Blank template


4. After site is created, you will see the following screen:

Initial screen


5. The icons in the upper right explained:

Pencil   Pencil icon: Click this to edit the page you are viewing (add text, images, gadgets, etc.) 


 Add pageAdd a page icon: Click this to add a page to your website


GearGear icon: Larger site functions (permissions, layouts, themes) and page functions (template, permissions, settings).


 Adding pages to your site



1. Click the Add Page icon  Add page


The following screen appears:


Create page

Options explained:

A: Page name: How you would like the page name displayed in the left-hand menu

B: Template: Click learn more link for more info—but the available templates are: Web Page, Announcements, File   Cabinet, List, Start Page. For most pages, select Web Page

C:  Location:  Where would you like the page organized on the site? –Typically, under “Home”

Click Create to create the new page  Create



The new page will appear in the selected location (in this example, under “Home”) and you will be in “edit” mode for the page. 

New page


Most of the editing tools should be familiar if you have used Word. Here are a few differences:


Insert menu:

Insert menu


 Layout Menu:

Layout menu


When you have finished editing the page, click the save button. Save

Note: You must save or cancel out of the page editor to add new pages or change the site layout.


Site adjustments & Permissions

Use the Gear Icon to edit site permissions and make adjustments to the page template and side menu.




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