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Adding Records

Adding Records Manually

 Open EndNote

  • Either use the keyboard command Control + N, or use the mouse to go to References -> New Reference.
    • A box will pop up. Choose the Reference Type from the drop down window list at the top. Then add the information you know to each section. Don't worry if you don't have entries for all of the fields. Note that there is a section for URLs, links to PDFs, and a place to put your research notes.
  • Choose the Output Style at the top of the window. Currently we are using Chicago16A_20120516. If this is not selected then choose Select Another Style and when the dialog box appears, choose the latest version of this file. The file naming convention is Chicago16A_YearMonthDay. This option is available for all campus computers. If you are using EndNote on your personal computer then this output file is available to download from the Luther Library website.

Forget the Typing

Adding Records is also possible by Catalog Searching  and Database Searching  from EndNote.

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