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Catalog Searching

Save Time and Typing with Catalog Searches

 This is an easy and quick way to add references from the Luther Seminary Library collection to your EndNote library (.enl) without doing a lot of typing is to search the catalog (for known or unknown items) and copy the results into your EndNote Library.

 To add resources from the Luther Seminary Library catalog (WorldCat) open your endnote library. Then go to your internet browser and do a search. Click on the title of the item you want to add to your EndNote  library. Click on the cite/export icon at the top of the webpage. A box will pop up on your screen. Choose Export to EndNote/Reference Manager. You will get a prompt asking what program to use, choose the default and see if that works. If it does not work choose EndNote. The item should then appear in your EndNote library.

 Endnote searching has become more robust. On the top left corner of your iconic toolbar, you will notice three icons. These icons will define how you search.

  • a globe with books
  • books
  • a globe

Searching while the globe and books is clicked will automatically import all the references you search for into your library. We recommend that you only search with the globe and books clicked when you are doing known searches. This means you know exactly what book/article you are looking for and it will automatically be added to your library.

 However, if you are doing more general searches, i.e., concept searching (you want to find any book on "grace") you will want to search while just the globe is highlighted. This will create a temporary space for you to bring in all of the books/articles where you can then choose which ones you would like copied to your actual library.

 For more about this process the EndNote website offers a great tutorial: ( Searching a catalog is the same as Searching Online Databases.)

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