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Correcting Data & Data Integrity

Make Corrections in ENL If you find that you have incorrect data in your library be sure to make corrections in Endnote. Do NOT attempt to change your footnotes or bibliography if you are using Cite While You Write. The program will check with the data fields in your Endnote library and delete new text when you close the program. All changes will be lost. Corrections must be made to your Endnote library in the data fields.

Edit --> Change Text If your Endnote library has records you've found by importing records from a catalog or database search you may need to make corrections. The data is not always correct. Use the Find and Replace feature to make changes in more than one record. Go to Edit --> Change text. For example, the space that appears before a colon (often appears between title and subtitle) can be eliminated by typing | : | and replacing it with |: |. Be sure to uncheck Match Words when replacing punctuation.

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