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Document Templates

Document Templates have been created to facilitate the process of formatting your thesis and research papers. Document Templates are installed on all campus computers and may also be downloaded from the Writing & Style Guide to your home computer. Find your degree program and download the corresponding set of templates. Instructions on how to use the templates correctly are also found on the website. Please consult this help document before throwing your hands up in despair.

If you still have questions, please contact Jennie Bartholomew,, 651-641-3458.

Here are some additional hints to help you if you get stuck:

1. Yes, most templates are blank—they will help you format your paper. You, however, are still responsible for filling it with content (i.e., writing the actual paper!). The templates are built on styles—it's up to you to apply the right style to your text. 

2. Can't find your style box? Make sure your Formatting Toolbar is visible: View > Toolbars > Formatting. 

3. Yes, footnotes are supposed to be double-spaced between each note with a first line indentation. And yes, the templates are set up to format this correctly.

4. Yes, the first page of each Chapter (when writing your thesis) does indeed have a two-inch top margin. Have you applied the right style to your Chapter number to make this happen?

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