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Troubleshooting Endnote

Footnote Numbering Problems

When I try to add page numbers to a footnote the dialog box shows that there is already a page number in the footnote even when there clearly is not.

Check the top of the list of footnotes in the dialog box to see which way the little arrow next to the "Citation" heading is pointing. If it is pointing up instead of down the program counts from the wrong direction and mistakenly assumes that you want the 3rd footnote from the bottom (or whatever), and not from the top. This can mess up your list. Just click on the arrow and the footnote scheme should "fix" itself. This is due to a "bug" in the Endnote code but is easily fixed.

Strange Code (aka Field Codes) or Disappearing Footnotes

Help! My footnotes have disappeared and been replaced with funny information within brackets {}.

Don't worry—your footnotes have not disappeared! You are seeing Field Codes in your Word document. It is easy to fix. Press ALT+F9.

Cause: Field codes (field: A set of codes that instructs Microsoft Word to insert text, graphics, page numbers, and other material into a document automatically. For example, the DATE field inserts the current date.), instead of field results (field results: Text or graphics inserted in a document when Microsoft Word carries out a field's instructions. When you print the document or hide field codes, the field results replace the field codes.), are visible.


Display the field results instead of the field codes. Display the field results throughout the document

 * Press ALT+F9. To switch back to displaying the field codes, press ALT+F9 again.

Display the field results for a particular field code

  1. Click within the field.
  2. Press SHIFT+F9.

To switch back to displaying the field codes, press SHIFT+F9 again.

My Endnote Toolbar Has Disappeared from Word

Go to the View drop down menu —>Toolbars —> Endnote and check it (turn it on).

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