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Setting up your “My Pages” in MyLutherNet

Click to download a .pdf of the help file (previous design)

You can create your own set of bookmarks, calendar events, or join/browse campus groups through the “My Pages” tab in MyLuther Net. 

To access your “My Pages”, click the My Pages tab. The first time you access this page, the wizard will walk you through the initial set up.

My pages tab

Follow the 2 next step prompts, then click the To my pages link:

My pages link

Your “My Pages” area appears. To add a bookmark (website link), click the Add a Bookmark” link.

Add a bookmark

Add a bookmark:

  1. Enter the bookmark name
  2. Enter the URL
  3. The other information on the screen is optional.
  4. Click Save

Add bookmark

You will return to the Bookmarks area. Your bookmark will be listed.

You can edit the bookmark by clicking the pencil icon, or delete the bookmark by clicking the trash icon.

Delete bookmark

Click Main Page to return to all of your “My Pages” content.

Main page

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