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Checking Degree Progress

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There are two areas in MyLutherNet under the My Degree tab that provide information about your degree progress: Degree Progress and Course History.  The Degree Progress portlet will provide the most comprehensive information.

If you find an error in your degree progress or if something is missing, please contact The Registrar's Office as soon as possible.

Degree Progress Portlet

  1. Log into MyLutherNet
  2. Click the My Degree tab.
  3. In the Degree Progress portlet that shows your current degree and concentration, click View All Details.

    Degree progress page

  4. For complete coursework details, click the link beneath the Requirements Summary.

View details

Here you will find required and elective courses specific to your concentration, what courses are met and unmet, and what courses that are still needed are available during the upcoming or current term.

Course History

From the My Degree tab, find the Course History portlet. Click the View Course History link.

Course history

 The resulting screen gives a detailed history of all courses taken at and transferred into Luther Seminary.

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