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English Word Study with BibleWorks

English Word Study with BibleWorks

Assessing a word's lexical meaning or semantic range

First, have the NAU or RWB version set up in your browse window.

Word Analysis

Watch the 4:09 min video about using the lexicon in BibleWorks 7 for word analysis.

Creating Vocabulary Lists

You may be studying a particular text or book of the Bible and want to create a vocabulary list for it. There are two ways to do this in BibleWorks.


Wildcard Searching

Wildcard Searching for Related Greek Words

Greek doesn't have root letters for words in quite the way that Hebrew does, but we can still use a few letters

Synopsis Window

BibleWorks features a tool to show you the same stories in parallel texts throughout the Bible. These instructions are for working with the Synopsis of

Setting Limits in BibleWorks 8 and 7

For BibleWorks 8

Double-click the word "Limits" at the bottom of the BW screen to open the Options dialog in the Search Limits window.

You may limit

Report Generator

Report Generator

From the Tools menu, choose Report Generator (BW7) or Importing/Exporting Information, then Report Generator (BW8). Choose the range

Phrase Searching

Phrase Searching with a Bible Passage in Mind

Let's say you are reading through a text that mentions "the glory of God" (e.g., τ?ς δ?ξης

Parallel Versions

Getting Parallel Versions to Appear

On the command line, type "p BNT NRS NIV" or whatever versions you want to see side by side. Press "Return."

Morphology Assistant

Morphology Assistant

The Morphology Assistant is a tool inside BibleWorks that allows you to search for particular parts of speech (nouns, verbs, pronouns,