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Turning off Matthew Henry

Turning off Matthew Henry

One of the resources set to show up when you are reading certain translations in BibleWorks is Matthew Henry's commentary. 

Installing Vocab Files

How do I install the Croy vocabulary file?

Here are the files you need.

 Croy Vocabulary.vrc and .vrt Save the zip file to your desktop. When

Flashcard Module

How do I open the flash card module?

For BibleWorks 7, from the Tools menu choose "Vocabulary Flashcard Module."

For BibleWorks 8, from the Tools menu

Elements of the Screen

Search Window

This is the window pane on the far left. When you search for words, phrases, etc., your results appear in this window.

Browse Window

Copying and Pasting

Copying & Pasting

You can highlight, copy (ctrl + c) and paste (ctrl + v) text from the Browse Window (center window) to a Word document. This is

The BibleWorks Command Line

Here is the command line, outlined in blue. The video link below will take you to a 5:31 video presentation working with BibleWorks 7. Most of the information

Code Insertion Buttons

BibleWorks performs searches at many different levels of complexity. All searches are built with keystrokes. Instead of trying to memorize all of the different

BGAD Lexicon - Tips for Using the BibleWorks Version

Choosing a Default Lexicon

  1. In the Analysis window, with the Analysis tab showing, right-click and choose Default Analysis Window Greek Lexicon.

BibleWorks Webinar, Monday, March 2

BibleWorks Webinar, Monday, March 2

Download .pdf handout for the BibleWorks webinar

This webinar was hosted by Mary Hinkle Shore on March 2, 2009. It

Tutorials and Training

Tutorials and Training

The Thomson Corporation, maker of EndNote, offers excellent support and tutorials that will walk you through various stages of learning