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BibleWorks performs searches at many different levels of complexity. All searches are built with keystrokes. Instead of trying to memorize all of the different

BGAD Lexicon - Tips for Using the BibleWorks Version

Choosing a Default Lexicon

  1. In the Analysis window, with the Analysis tab showing, right-click and choose Default Analysis Window Greek Lexicon.

BibleWorks Webinar, Monday, March 2

BibleWorks Webinar, Monday, March 2

Download .pdf handout for the BibleWorks webinar

This webinar was hosted by Mary Hinkle Shore on March 2, 2009. It

Tutorials and Training

Tutorials and Training

The Thomson Corporation, maker of EndNote, offers excellent support and tutorials that will walk you through various stages of learning

Searching for Citations

Searching for Citations in Databases

If you're having trouble connecting to a catalog or database while working in EndNote, check to be sure the connection


To create an m-dash—the really long one—you may have to try one of several ways:


ALT + 0151



COMMAND (the apple & squiggle

Reference Type

Reference Types

In order for a citation (whether in a footnote or the bibliography) to display properly, you must have entered the correct data. It also


Personalizing EndNote

EndNote can be personalized for your preferences. You can choose the fields you want to display and the order they appear. You can

Import Filter

To import citation data from a database search into your EndNote library it is important to choose the correct import filter so that data ends up in the

Google Scholar

If you find resources you want to save in Endnote while searching Google Scholar, they can be imported directly into your Endnote library.

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