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Troubleshooting Footnotes

How do I create a footnote using EndNote and MS Word?

 1. Open both software programs

 2. Open your EndNote library


The process for importing citations found during a database search involves exporting or downloading your records into a file and then importing the file

Document Templates

Document Templates have been created to facilitate the process of formatting your thesis and research papers. Document Templates are installed on all campus

Export from EBSCO Databases (Academic Search Premier, ATLA(S), etc.

To add citations from an EBSCO database search into your EndNote file requires following this sequence:

In the EBSCO database: Select desired

Create a subject list

To Output a List of Resources by a Specific Field (e.g., Call Number) Open your EndNote Library Go to Tools -> Subject Bibliography ->

Correcting Data & Data Integrity

Make Corrections in ENL If you find that you have incorrect data in your library be sure to make corrections in Endnote. Do NOT attempt to

Converting EndNote libraries

EndNote will automatically convert libraries (.enl) that you created in an earlier version of the software. When you open your library in a new version

EBSCO Database Connection File Information

Select the database you wish to search, edit "Connection Settings," and enter the following information.

  1. server: EBSCO
  2. Server Address:

Multiple citation

Multiple Citations

To place semicolons between citations in a footnote:

Open Endnote. Go to the file menu Edit—>Output Styles—>

Catalog Searching

Save Time and Typing with Catalog Searches

 This is an easy and quick way to add references from the Luther Seminary Library collection to your EndNote