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How to Enter Grades

To enter grades:

Log into MyLutherNet.

While on the Home tab, click Faculty Home, View Course List:

Grades link


The current term courses will be automatically displayed: Click the link for the desired course:

choose class


NOTE: To change the term, select the desired term from the drop down menu and click the Search button:

select term


When you have selected a course for grading, the students names will appear in a table. The "Grading Type" column indicates pass/fail or letter grades (blank values for letter grading).

pass fail


To enter the grades, click the Select drop down menu. 

Here, you will be able to select a grade from the drop down menu.   If a student has opted for letter grading, letter grades will appear. If a student has opted for Pass/Fail grading, pass/fail grades will appear in the drop down.

Select Grade

NOTE: Do not use grades with the "#" sign  (consult the Registrar is you have questions).

 Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen when finished. It may take a moment, so wait to click off the screen. 


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