Terence E Fretheim
Elva B. Lovell Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

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  • Creation and Law
  • Genesis 1-11
  • God and Suffering
  • Images of God
  • Justice and Judgment
  • Old Testament
  • Prayer
  • Prophecy and the Future



God, Abraham, and the Abuse of Isaac
Word & World 15/1 (1995) 49--57.
Is Genesis 3 a Fall Story?
Word & World 14/2 (1994) 144--153.
Salvation in the Bible vs. Salvation in the Church
Word & World 13/4 (1993) 363--372.
The Color of God: Israel's God-Talk and Life Experience
Word & World 6/3 (1986) 256--265.
The Old Testament and Homosexuality: What is God doing?
The Lutheran, May 2001 issue
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A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament
Authors: Terence E. Fretheim, Bruce C. Birch, David L. Petersen
Foreword by Walter Brueggemann 
ISBN: 0687013488
Publisher: Abingdon Press
About the Bible: Short Answers to Big Questions
ISBN: 0806638672
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress
Exodus: Interpretation, A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
Within a framework highlighting the theology of creation, this commentary gives special treatment to the significance of the hardening of Pharaoh's heart, the relationship between law and narrative, and the shaping of literature by liturgy.

ISBN: 0804231028
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
First and Second Kings (Westminster Bible Companion)
Part of the Westminster Bible Companion series, this book explains I & II Kings in its original historical context and explores its significance for faithful living today. Ideal for individual or group study.

ISBN: 0664255655
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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Fretheim Explores Genesis
A nine part adult Bible study series on Genesis with video tape and study guide.
Session Summary
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Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary

Jeremiah is a commentary on a prophetic book that presents many difficult literary, historical, and theological issues for the reader.  The commentary focuses on literary and theological issues with the added intention of providing thoughtful reflections for those who would preach and teach these texts.

ISBN: 1573120723
Publisher: Smyth & Hewlys Publishing, Inc.
The Bible As Word Of God
In a Postmodern Age

In this exchange from the 1995 Hein/Fry Lecture Series, Fretheim and Froelich mount important, though divergent, analyses of the contemporary situation regarding Scripture and suggest varying strategies to meet it.

ISBN:  1579108466
Publisher:  Wipf and Stock Publishers
The Pentateuch (Interpreting Biblical Texts Series)
Seeking to introduce the Pentateuch to modern readers and stressing its continuing capacity to speak a word of or about God, this volume includes both an orientation to the critical study of the Pentateuch and a focus on the individual books that comprise the Pentateuch.

ISBN: 0687008425
Publisher: Abingdon Press
The Suffering of God: an Old Testament Perspective
The comprehensive and thought-provoking study focusing on the theme of divine suffering, an aspect of our understanding of God which both the church and scholarship have neglected.  The book seeks to broaden our understanding of the God of the Old Testament.

ISBN: 0800615387
Publisher: Fortress Press


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Th.D.Princeton Seminary
Princeton, NJ
M.Div.Luther Theological Seminary
St. Paul, MN
B.A.Luther College
Decorah, IA


Terence Fretheim was first connected with the Luther Seminary faculty as a teaching fellow in Greek in 1958-60 while he was still a seminary student. He returned as assistant professor in 1968 and became professor of Old Testament in 1978. He was dean of academic affairs (1978-88) and also served as acting chair of the Old Testament department (1977-78) and chair of the curriculum committee (1976-77).



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