Story Magazine - Fourth Quarter, 2004

David Tiede Announces Retirement

Dr. David Tiede announced Oct. 18 that he will retire from the Office of the President, Luther Seminary on June 30, 2005.

From a Human Point of View

To understand the mission to which Christians are called, remember God's remarkable purpose of reconciling the world to himself, not counting their sins against them.

Ministry at a Flashpoint

When a suicide bomber strikes 500 meters from your doorstep, it's a dark day to look on the bright side -- but Rev. Mark Brown tries.

Alum Ministers to Olympic Team Amidst Joy and Sorrow

The relationship between Pastor Mark Reitan and Mike Candrea, coach of the U.S. Olympic Softball team, bears witness to the power of spiritual friendship.

Student Leads Rural Congregations in Deliberating Difficult Topics

Three rural North Dakota churches develop skills to lead congregational talks on difficult social issues by participating in the ELCA's "Journey Together Faithfully" study on human sexuality.

How Congregations Can Engage in Respectful Conversation

Church Innovations, a non-profit organization founded by Luther Professor of Systematic Theology Pat Keifert, assists congregations with renewal, transformation and conflict resolution.

M.A. Student Crosses Borders to Build Up Congregational Leadership

Francis Tsui travels monthly to the "outposts" of Christianity in such countries as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia and Thailand to teach local church leaders.

2005 Faithfulness in Ministry Cross Honorees

It is with thanksgiving that Luther Seminary honors this year's recipients: Alvin Erickson,'61, Delmar Gusdal, '58, and Theodore Vinger, '57.

Strategic Plan Update: Post Graduate Programs Train Scholars/Preachers to Re-energize the Church

Luther Seminary has affirmed and retooled its graduate programs for a "re-energized vision of God's mission in a changing world in the 21st century."

Luther's D.Min. Program in Biblical Preaching

Love preaching? Love a good sermon? Hear how the D. Min. program in biblical preaching can make a difference in your congregation.

Luther's D.Min. Program in Congregational Mission and Leadership

Students Share Lessons Learned

Largest M.Div. Class in Ten Years Enrolls at Luther

The numbers are in, and enrollment is up!

In Memory: Jennings Mergenthal

Mergenthal, Luther Seminary Bookstore manager for 37 years, died Oct. 1.

“Living Hope” Graces Garden of the Resurrection

Many hands helped to install Luther Seminary's newest work of art, "Living Hope of the Resurrection" in the Garden of the Resurrection, Sept. 27.

New From Luther Productions

Two new DVD's are available: Biology and Belief and Meeting God In Prayer

Professor Emeritus Wendell Frerichs Shares His Real Prayers

Centered Life is pleased to offer Real Prayers, a treasury of prayers written and prayed by Wendell Frerichs.

Order Lenten Devotionals For Your Congregation

The Lent 2005 theme is "Abiding in the Shadows."