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Sunday, November 17, 2013

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On my heart imprint your image,
blessed Jesus, king of grace,
that life's troubles nor its pleasures
ever may your work erase.
Let the clear inscription be:
Jesus, crucified for me,
is my life, my hope's foundation,
all my glory and salvation!

How will things end up for me? How will this cancer end up for me? All events come to an end, and thus each of us in many different ways have our own experiences of how we imagine "the day," the last day of judgment. We think we will always have another chance. If "the day" is the last day with no more chances to make things right, how will things, my life, end up? Will what I have done be worth something or nothing?

We are prone to look too much at what we have done—at our record of accomplishments—as what will be the final mark or determination of our worth. Jesus promises us that he has the final say on what constitutes our worth. That word speaks from the cross to say that no matter what comes we are good and right with God. Jesus' cross is God's final say on "the day." His cross makes us worth everything to God. Let our lives, our hearts, bear the image of Jesus, as our hope, our glory, and our salvation.

Our Father, our faith in your mercy does not always endure the troubles and pleasures of our daily lives. We pursue enticements like entertainment or substance abuse to hide from life's troubles. And when we are tempted to let fun and glory and winning become our satisfaction in life, again, imprint the image of Jesus on our hearts, so his mercy overcomes the judgments all around us, including the judgment of the last day. Amen.

Timothy Hoyer
Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Lakewood, N.Y.; Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Falconer, N.Y.
Doctor of Ministry , 2009

This God Pause daily devotion is brought to you by the alumni of Luther Seminary.