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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Come and take a rest with me,
Lift up your head and you will see,
My signature across the sky
Billowy clouds that float right by.

Breathe in my breath and out your stress
And feel the tensions less and less
Let the cares of each day go,
And my uplifting Spirit know.

You've shared yourself and done your best,
Now give yourself some time to rest.
Drink in the wonder of each day,
Take time to listen and to pray.

Be RESTored, refresh your soul
O, let me take and make you whole,
Know that I am by your side,
To give you strength and be your guide.

I wrote this song when I was at camp with my confirmation kids. I hardly had any time to myself, let alone time to work on these devotions, or my upcoming sermon. Then I looked up at the clouds--and saw a clown in a bathtub, and a pig chasing a horse. It reminded me of the joy I used to have, lying in the grass with my dad and trying to see creatures in the clouds. My best was a dinosaur bowling with a pineapple, knocking down squirrels. Dad gave me a point for creativity. I also remembered that I need to take time to clear my head and soak in God's goodness and grace. I'm at my best when Christ takes the lead. My mantra has always been, "Do your best, and give God the rest." I think now it's rather, "Take time to rest and give God your best."

God of goodness and grace, help us to find joy every day as we put ourselves in your hands. Feed us and lead us so that we might continue to connect people to Christ. Amen.

Meg Sander, '83
Transitional Pastor, Immanuel Zion Lutheran and Zion Lutheran Church, Albion, Nebraska

This God Pause daily devotion is brought to you by the alumni of Luther Seminary.